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Teams Roundup

Microsoft Teams Release Roundup: January / February 2021

Microsoft Teams is fast becoming the most popular digital collaboration platform for UK businesses, and it only looks set to grow in 2021. In this first release roundup for the year, we’ll cover the latest feature updates for Teams during January and February 2021.

Video Calling

10 All-New Microsoft Teams Features You (Probably) Didn’t Know About

Microsoft Teams is perhaps the fastest-growing collaboration platform in the world. It’s growing so fast, in fact, that you might have missed several handy new features added in 2020. Here are 10 of our favourites.

Microsoft Planner

What’s That App? A Beginner’s Guide to Microsoft Planner

Our “What’s That App?” series puts some of the lesser-known Microsoft 365 apps under the microscope. In this edition, we’ll look at the visual task management and collaboration app, Microsoft Planner – and its integration with Microsoft Teams.

Father working from home with child

The Most Common Work-from-Home Productivity Issues (And How IT Can Help You Handle Them)

Whether through choice or through lack of it, working from home has become the default mode of working for many of us in 2020. But, if you’re a business owner, you might worry about productivity. Let’s look at how to solve any potential issues with the power of IT.

Working together as a team

10 Essential Small Business Tips for Microsoft Teams

With 75 million daily active users, it’s no surprise that Microsoft Teams is fast becoming a household name at small businesses across the UK and the world. Want to do more with the platform? With these 10 essential tips for Microsoft Teams, you’ll be a Teams maestro in no time.

Microsoft Teams Together Mode

Feature Focus: Together Mode, Dynamic View, (and More) for Microsoft Teams

As the battle for supremacy in the digital workspace rages, Microsoft has ramped up its updates for Microsoft Teams. In this edition of Feature Focus, we’ll explore the newest features announced in July 2020: Together Mode, Dynamic View, and several other small updates.

Microsoft Team's new 3x3 layout

Feature Focus: The 3×3 Grid View for Microsoft Teams

Virtual meetings are quickly becoming the new normal, but big meetings can still feel a bit impersonal when you can only see a handful of faces at a time. In this Feature Focus, we’ll take a look at feature for Microsoft Teams which aims to change all that: the 3×3 Grid View.

Microsoft Teams Custom Background Demo

Feature Focus: Custom Background Effects for Microsoft Teams

Whether you’d prefer to keep your messy bookshelf to yourself or simply want to keep focus on the meeting, there are plenty of reasons to use background effects in Microsoft Teams. In this Feature Focus, we’ll explore video call backgrounds in Teams and even show you how to set a custom image of your own.

Sharing data with external guests

Be Our Guest: The 2020 Guide to Managing External Users in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is fast becoming the go-to solution for collaborative work online. But what happens when you’re working with people outside of your business? Should you grant Guest access or External access? In this guide to external access in Microsoft Teams, we’ll answer that question – and more.

Ready to work from home?

5 Ways to Make Your Business Work-From-Home Ready

Whether it’s the impact of global disruption or simply a move to more flexible working, there are plenty of reasons to allow working from home. But how can your business do it right and ensure productivity remains consistent? Here are 5 expert tips from the Get Support team to help you untether your business.

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