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Microsoft Teams Phone

The Small Business Guide to Microsoft Teams Phone

If you’re already using Microsoft Teams to support your remote and hybrid workforce, you might benefit from taking the next step with Teams Phone. Here’s how it works for small businesses.

Survival Guide

The Post-Lockdown IT Support Survival Guide for 2021

With the end of national lockdown finally in sight in the UK, it may be time for businesses to start considering a move back to the office. Here’s how your IT support strategy might need to change to adapt to the post-lockdown world.

VoIP Telephone

5 Signs It’s Time for Your Business to Make the Switch to VoIP

Powered by your internet connection, VoIP telephony offers dozens of features over and above old-fashioned telephone lines – but how do you know when to make the switch? Here are 5 signs it’s time to consider VoIP for your business.

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What is an IT Support Audit (and Why Does Your Business Need One)?

Does your business have the correct IT support processes in place? With an IT support audit, you can find out.
Microsoft NCE

What Businesses Need to Know About Microsoft's New Commerce Experience (NCE)

The New Commerce Experience (NCE) is an effort by Microsoft to simplify the way Microsoft 365 Business subscriptions are managed – but what do you need to know?
Frequently Asked Questions About IT Support

Frequently Asked Questions About IT Support (And How We Answer Them)

As an IT support provider with decades of experience, we’ve heard every question in the book when it comes to technology. Here’s how we answer some of the most common.