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Browser Hijacking

What is Browser Hijacking? The Essential Guide for Small Business

Web browsers are our window to the digital world, so they need to be as secure as possible. When this security fails, browser hijacking attacks become a real risk – but what are they, and how could they damage your business? Let’s find out.

Bitcoin Mining

What is Bitcoin Mining? The Essential Guide for Small Business

Bitcoin has been around for years, but only recently has it exploded as an alternative currency and investment. But where does bitcoin come from? And how can bitcoin “mining”, or cryptojacking, impact your company’s cybersecurity? Let’s find out.

What is a Rootkit?

What is a Rootkit? The Essential Guide for Small Business

Malware is getting smarter all the time, but it doesn’t come much sneakier than the rootkit. In this comprehensive cybersecurity guide for small businesses, we’ll explore exactly what rootkit attacks are, how they might affect your business, and how you can counter them.


What is a Botnet? The Essential Guide for Small Business

It might sound like something you’d find in a Terminator movie, but a botnet is a very real threat for small and large businesses alike. In this article, we’ll find out what a botnet is, how it works, and assess the risk it poses to businesses.

Trojan Horse

What is a Trojan Horse? The Essential Guide for Small Business

As part of our article series exploring malware and its potential impact on small businesses, in this article we’ll look at trojan horses. We’ll explain what a trojan horse is, explain the many types of trojan horse, and look at how your business can manage the risk of trojan horse attacks.

What is Spyware

What is Spyware? The Essential Guide for Small Business

It may sound like something out of a 1960s thriller movie, but spyware is no laughing matter. In this guide, we’ll explore what spyware is, why it’s so dangerous, and how small businesses can avoid it.

Ransomware Attack

What is Ransomware? The Essential Guide for Small Business

To keep your business safe and protected in the digital age, it’s essential that you understand the potential cyberthreats. In this article, we’ll explain what ransomware is, how it might impact your business, and what to do if your business suffers a ransomware attack.

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