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User Awareness Training: Security

The Employee’s Guide to User Awareness Training in 2022

User awareness training is one of the most important, yet most neglected, cybersecurity measures that a small business can take. In this guide, designed for employees, we’ll share five pillars of user awareness training to keep your business safe.

The Log4j Vulnerability

The Log4j Vulnerability: A Plain English Guide for UK Businesses

In December 2021, a vulnerability was discovered in the Apache Log4j framework which is used in some of the world’s most popular online services. It’s a confusing topic, so here’s a primer for UK businesses in plain English.

My Password

Is It Time for the World to Stop Using Passwords?

Passwords have been around for almost as long as computers, but have they now overstayed their welcome? Let’s look at why passwords may no longer be secure enough, and the passwordless options available to replace them.

Beware Ransomware

Ransomware: The Primary Threat for Business in 2022?

Do you know what the biggest threat to your business is this year? If you operate in the digital space, like most of us do today, it might just be ransomware. Here’s what you need to know about mitigating the risk of ransomware in 2022.

Cyber Security

The UK’s Cyber Essentials Scheme is Changing in 2022. Here’s How

The Cyber Essentials scheme, backed by the UK government, gives businesses the chance to become certified in the fundamentals of cyber security – but it’s not been updated since 2014. In 2022, that’s going to change.

Cyber Security Trends

Cyber Security in 2022: The Trends UK Businesses Need to Know

In the wake of the pandemic, 2021 threw its fair share of cyber security threats at UK businesses – but what will happen in 2022? The Get Support team share their best predictions for next year’s cyber security trends.

Early Warning System

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the NCSC’s “Early Warning” System

The UK government National Cyber Security Centre’s (NCSC) “Early Warning” system is a free service designed to help UK businesses investigate and tackle cyber threats. Here’s what you need to know.


The Great LinkedIn Data Scrape (And What It Means for UK Businesses)

In mid-2021, a group of hackers managed to access the data of 700 million LinkedIn users via a method called ‘scraping’. Here’s what UK businesses need to know about this potential cyber security risk.

Virus Detected

Mydoom: The Fascinating Story Behind the World’s Fastest Computer Virus

First discovered in 2004, the Mydoom computer worm is, to this day, still known as the fastest-spreading virus of all time. But what is the story behind the Mydoom virus and what can it teach us about cyber security?

Email Security

IT Support Insider: Email Security for Businesses

In this edition of our IT Support Insider series, we’ll zero in on email security and how businesses can ensure their email security setup is watertight, they’re protected from email-based cyberattacks, and other best practice examples.

Gift Card

The Gift Card Scam: What UK Businesses Need to Know

The Gift Card Scam, also known as the Voucher Scam, is a form of cyberattack which has seen a big spike in 2021. In this article, we’ll explain what the gift card scam is, how it works, and what your business can do to avoid falling victim to this digital swindle.

NCSC: National Cyber Security Centre

A Quick Reference Guide to the NCSC’s 14 Cloud Security Principles

The UK government’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) provides guidance for businesses on how to securely implement cloud-based services and software neatly summarised into its 14 Cloud Security Principles. Here’s a quick summary of each one.

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