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Cloud Computing and Remote IT Support Services: The Perfect Match?


Cloud Computing with Remote IT Support

Executive Summary

  • Cloud computing has taken the world by storm in recent years, but what is it exactly? And how can it help your business?
  • Once you have migrated to a cloud computing setup, how will your IT support be impacted?
  • In this article, we’ll discover why a remote IT support company is the perfect match for a cloud-enabled business.


Twenty years ago, if you told someone that you’d taken your business into the cloud, they’d probably think you were a pilot.

Today, though? “The cloud” has a very different meaning — and there’s nothing fluffy about it.

With cloud computing solutions deployed to support your business, you can access your files, use your software, and connect with colleagues from almost any device and from anywhere in the world.

Cloud computing has opened the door to remote working, and – as we all know – that’s something almost all businesses have dabbled in of late. But how do you keep your business supported from a technical standpoint if your systems are all “in the cloud”? That’s where remote IT support comes in, and it’s something we’re very familiar with.

So let’s dive in and discover exactly why cloud computing and remote IT support are a match made in heaven.

What is cloud computing?

In plain English, the term “cloud computing” refers to either software or virtualised hardware which exists on a server other than your local machine.

Consider the simple act of saving a file.

Back in the day, you would have simply saved a Word document to the local hard drive of the machine you’re using – most likely at your office. This method works, but it leaves your files isolated only to that workstation. The solution used to be dragging and dropping files on to USB sticks and other portable storage. But there has to be a better way, right?

That’s where cloud computing steps in. With the scenario above, you can simply save your Word doc to cloud storage enabled by an app like Microsoft OneDrive. Think of this like a digital hard drive which you can access from anywhere. Once saved in the cloud, you can access that same file from other computers, or even your smartphone, and changes will be synced in real time.

This is just one example of cloud computing in action. There are plenty of other cloud apps and services, including complete “virtual machines”, which are entire computers which exist only in the cloud, but can be accessed from any other machine.

With cloud computing enabled for your business, getting things done is easier than ever before.

The benefits of cloud computing

With more of us working outside of traditional office environments, cloud computing is set to become the norm for most small businesses.

As a UK-based IT support company, we’ve already helped plenty of businesses make the transition to cloud-based solutions. But why are the making the leap?

Here are a few reasons:

  • Almost instantaneous scalability. Cloud providers usually have enormous capacity, meaning you can increase (or decrease) the provision you need at any time. Adding new employees and need extra storage or virtual machines? With the cloud, this can be done in minutes – without the need to install any new hardware on-site.
  • Lower up-front costs. Cloud computing solutions are generally charged on a subscription basis, meaning you always stay up to date and you don’t need to shell out for big lump sum upgrades, but instead spread the costs over time.
  • Seamless over-the-air updates. Cloud computing systems are usually maintained and upgraded offsite, so your business doesn’t need to suffer any downtime to keep your digital infrastructure up to date.
  • Flexible working options. Whether it’s accessing files from anywhere via cloud storage or logging in to your local machine with a Remote Desktop Connection, being cloud-enabled unshackles your business from your office and unlocks a world of new opportunities.

Why IT support providers and cloud computing are the perfect partners

It’s clear that moving your company’s operations to the cloud can be a big benefit to any business – especially now that more of us are working remotely. But how does your IT support tie into all of this? After all, in traditional office setups, the IT person is usually on-hand to tackle issues on site. So how does this work in a cloud-based setup?

Believe it or not, it’s actually even easier in many ways.

Because both your data and your applications are based in the cloud, rather than on a single server or workstation in an office, an IT support team is able to troubleshoot, configure, repair, or re-install at will – from anywhere in the world. This delivers flexibility and responsiveness which wouldn’t have been possible a few years ago.

Here are a few other reasons that cloud computing can make IT support even easier:

  • Data security. It’s natural to be a little hesitant to host your company’s data with a cloud service, but the reality is that cloud solutions are often more secure than local ones -- or at least in parity with them. With an IT support partner like Get Support, you can make 100% sure that your cloud security is perfectly configured for peace of mind.
  • Virtual “in-person” support. If your business chooses to use virtual desktop (also known as virtual machine) solutions, your IT support team will have the very same access to them as your employees. That means fixing issues on that particular instance is as simple as logging in.
  • Easy remote configuration through web services like Microsoft 365. Thanks to cloud services like Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint, granting a remote IT support access to the admin side of your company’s digital infrastructure is easy. The upshot? Faster resolution of problems and less downtime for you.

Take your business into the cloud with Get Support

It’s likely your business already has at least one or two cloud-based solutions in place, but if you haven’t explored the full breadth of what’s possible with the cloud, we can help.

As an IT support company, we work with UK businesses to implement and configure cloud computing solutions affordably and reliably.

To take your first steps into the cloud today, call our expert team on 01865 59 4000, or just fill in the form below and we’ll be in touch soon.

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