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Frequently Asked Questions About Our IT Support Agreements


Frequently Asked Questions

Executive Summary

  • At Get Support, we offer end-to-end IT support agreements which help your business with everything from troubleshooting IT problems to planning your IT strategy for the next 5 years – all for one low monthly price.
  • If you’ve not yet signed up for a Get Support IT agreement, we’ve compiled a selection of the most common questions we receive about our agreements – and we even answered them, too. Because we’re nice like that.


Here at Get Support, we’ve built our name on taking care of your IT support so you can focus on growing your business.

As part of that commitment, we offer end-to-end IT support agreements to help your company make the most of technology, both in your day-to-day work and into the future.

Signing up for an IT support agreement with us means that we’ll deal with your IT, so you don’t have to. It also means you might have a few questions – so we have answers.

Let’s take a look.

I don’t know anything about IT, computers, or Microsoft 365. Is an IT support agreement right for my business?

Without a doubt.

In fact, you’re probably the type of business which will benefit most from an IT support agreement. Why? Because you’ll waste less time banging your head against a computer screen and more time working on what really matters.

At Get Support, we’ve spent decades building a team of computer wizards who can answer practically any question or resolve practically any issue – very often over the phone or a remote connection. The upshot? You don’t have to lift a finger – just get in touch, tell us there’s a problem, and we’ll do the rest.

Isn’t that refreshing?

Are you going to overwhelm me with technical computer jargon?

We completely understand that IT can be a highly technical field. From SSDs to PCI slots, cloud-based servers to HTTPS connections – it can certainly be a little overwhelming.

But not with Get Support.

We’ve built our business on the promise that everything we do is based on a plain English approach. So, if you’re ever left scratching your head about exactly what an IT issue is, we’ll take the time to explain it as clearly as possible. This helps you learn how to avoid the issue in the future and hey – everyone’s a winner!

Is there anything your IT support agreement doesn’t cover?

All our IT support agreements are designed to operate like your own in-house IT department (without all the fuss).

That means we’ll respond to, investigate, and solve IT problems wherever we can, either over the phone, remotely, or – if the task calls for it and it’s part of your agreement – in person.

As with any IT department, we don’t directly cover the cost of any additional hardware you might require, but we do offer expert advice on which hardware to buy and how to maximise its lifespan.

This is all part and parcel of our unique IT Director service, which is included with all our agreements. (You can learn more about IT Director right here).

Will you surprise me with any unexpected bills?

Absolutely not.

As part of your IT agreement, we’ll discuss all of the costs which may be required and agree them with you up front. These costs cover things like additional hardware, new services, and so on, and they’ll always be something we discuss openly with you so you’re totally aware.

When it comes to day-to-day support, you’ll never see any unexpected bills – and that’s a promise.

All of this means no unexpected bills for you, and a sigh of relief for your finance team.

My business is growing – how much will you charge to add a new user to our IT system?

Our IT support agreements are structured in a way which scales with your business.

This means that, if your company grows, we’ll adjust your agreement pricing to reflect that. However, if staff turnover means that your employee numbers remain stable, setting up a new user on an existing workstation is all covered by your IT support agreement.

What will you do if the worst happens? What are your disaster recovery options?

We understand that nothing is more important than your company’s security.

That’s why our IT support agreements are designed to be keep your critical data safe in the event of a data breach or other form of disaster.

The level of data backup and protection you implement is totally up to you, and it’s something we’ll discuss as part of our onboarding process, during which we’ll review your current setup and advise on any opportunities for improvements.

There’s always a balance to be struck with backups, of course, (you wouldn’t have an entire office sitting and waiting just in case, would you?) – and we’ll help you find it.

We’ll explain all of the potential risks, figure out what your acceptable downtime looks like, and assess the lookback period you need for data recovery – all balanced in the flat rate pricing.

How do I know that you’ll respond to my IT support problems in good time?

All our minimum response times will be detailed in your support agreement and we’ll establish Support Level Agreements (SLAs) based on the severity of the issue.

For example, for a showstopping, business-critical IT issue, we’ll always aim to respond within 30 minutes. For a low-priority issue, like a slow-running computer, we’ll aim to respond within 2 hours.

Of course, even with our SLAs in place, we always like to beat our personal best response time. There’s nothing like a bit of healthy competition with yourself.

What if I already have an IT support provider? Is switching to Get Support going to involve a lot of hassle?

It’s totally understandable that you might see a switch to a new IT support company as potentially daunting, but we can assure you it’s simple.

Of course, we would say that, wouldn’t we?

So, to assuage any potential concerns you might have, feel free to check out our article covering 7 reasons switching IT provider isn’t as scary as you might think.

Have a question we didn’t answer here? Drop us a line

We’ve tried to cover as many questions about our IT support agreements here as possible, but we understand you might have questions which are specific to your business.

If so, our team is always on-hand to help answer them.

Just give us a call today on 01865 59 4000 and we’ll answer all of your IT support agreement questions in plain English – no technical jargon, guaranteed.

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