Should you upgrade to Windows 10?


Windows 10 Upgrade

We think Windows 10 is fantastic, it’s a much better experience than Windows 8 on desktops, laptops and 2-in-1’s & tablets. As good as it is there are some drawbacks as well as many advantages which we think you should know about before making the decision to upgrade, all of which we can assist with.

Upgrade Issues

We have heard many tales of the Windows 10 upgrade process going awry and people not being able to use their machines until being repaired by a technician. Some of these issues include but are not limited to:

  • Anti-virus software interfering and causing the update to fail
  • Lack of disk space to download the required files
  • Unable to roll back to previous version after failed update

After upgrading there can also be issues

There have been reports of all sorts of problems after the Windows 10 upgrade has completed, some of these include.

  • Missing documents, pictures and videos (which we’ve been able to recover!)
  • Remote access issues to/from the device from another computer
  • Programs or drivers missing

Privacy concerns

There have been a lot of news articles stating that Microsoft is sending every key stroke you make to them and they are monitoring everything you do on your computer. Most of this is wrong. What Microsoft are doing is collecting “telemetry” as they like to call it. The telemetry service which sends anonymous diagnostics data about what features you’re using of the new operating system and details of program crashes. The data Microsoft engineers receive cannot be traced back to any single person or computer, so there is no invasion of privacy and it has been blown out of proportion. This data is also used to help improve Windows 10 as time goes on, which can only be a good thing.

New features galore

Microsoft have stated that this is the last version of Windows. What this means is that unlike previous versions of Windows which had the same look to them for since release day, this new version will undergo changes under the hood as well as in the interface you see, slowly being refined as design philosophies change. Windows 10 has been out less than a year and has already seen a few tweaks to the interface to improve the look and feel of it. They will also be adding new features as time goes on to keep it current with technological trends. The major plus with this is, once you’ve upgraded to Windows 10 – you will never need to buy a new version of Windows until you replace your device, all these new features, updates and improvements are free of charge!

If you’d like help to decide whether the upgrade is right for you please fill in the contact form at the bottom of this page, visit our contact us or call our team on 01865 594 000

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