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Laptop Buyers Guide

The Business Buyer’s Guide to: Laptops (Updated for 2021)

With the world doing business in a more distributed way than ever, having a reliable business laptop for you and your remote team is absolutely essential. In this Get Support buyer’s guide, we’ll tell you everything you need to look for in a business laptop.

Adobe Flash

Gone in a Flash: What Your Business Needs to Know About the End of Adobe Flash

There was a time when almost every interactive website was powered by Adobe Flash. Today, the web is a different place, and the world is saying goodbye to Flash. Here’s everything you need to know about Adobe Flash going end-of-life.

Two businessmen trying to decide a winner in the Mac vs PC debate

Mac vs. PC: The Ultimate Small Business Grudge Match?

Mac vs. PC: it’s a debate as old as time. While it sometimes seems like nothing more than a playground spat, there are genuine reasons why you might choose one platform over the other – especially as a small business.

Switch to Microsoft 365

Computer Security 101: How to Keep Your PC (or Mac) Safe for Work

In this guide to personal computer security 101, you’ll learn exactly how to keep your computer safe and secure – especially if you’ve been working from home. Of course, we won’t pick sides, so whether you’re on Windows or Mac, we’ve got you covered.

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Microsoft NCE

What Businesses Need to Know About Microsoft's New Commerce Experience (NCE)

The New Commerce Experience (NCE) is an effort by Microsoft to simplify the way Microsoft 365 Business subscriptions are managed – but what do you need to know?
Frequently Asked Questions About IT Support

Frequently Asked Questions About IT Support (And How We Answer Them)

As an IT support provider with decades of experience, we’ve heard every question in the book when it comes to technology. Here’s how we answer some of the most common.
IT Onboarding

IT Onboarding Made Easy: A Checklist for Small Business

A formalised IT onboarding process can help a business ensure new starters hit the ground running. Here’s a checklist to help you build yours.