Clipchamp Is Now Available in Microsoft 365…But What Does It Actually Do?

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Executive Summary

  • In November 2023, Microsoft announced that the new Clipchamp for Work would be added to some 365 Business subscriptions – but what does it actually do?
  • Clipchamp is a video editing app which is designed to turn anyone in a video editing wizard. With a simple interface but powerful features, it helps businesses produce quality video assets fast.
  • Businesses can use Clipchamp to quickly create product videos, explainers, video ads, tutorials, social media clips, and more.


One of the big benefits of Microsoft 365 that nobody really talks about is how it evolves over time.

For no additional cost to your subscription, apps and services are regularly added and made available for what’s essentially free of charge.

In November 2023, it was the turn of Clipchamp, a video editing tool designed to be easy to use by anyone – no experience required.

Now available as part of both 365 Business Standard and 365 Business Premium subscriptions, here’s a quick introduction to Microsoft Clipchamp.

What is Microsoft Clipchamp?

Born out of an acquisition back in 2021, Microsoft Clipchamp for Work is a powerful online video editor that enables you to create engaging and professional videos for your business.

Clipchamp allows you to import your own footage or photos or choose from a library of stock assets. You can then edit your video with a simple drag-and-drop interface and customise it with a range of flashy features like transitions, filters, text, stickers, music, and more. You can even use more advanced features like green screen, picture-in-picture, voice-over, and screen recording to give your videos that extra bit of pizazz.

As with all cloud-based Microsoft 365 apps, you don’t need to download or install anything, Clipchamp just works right within your browser. Your videos are kept safe within SharePoint or OneDrive, and you can export them directly to social platforms like YouTube and TikTok.  

How can small businesses use Clipchamp for Work?

With a basic understanding of the app out of the way, the next question on your mind is likely to be, just what exactly can I do with Clipchamp?

There’s certainly no shortage of video editors out there, so what makes this one so special? (Other than it being bundled with your existing subscription, of course).

  • Product demos are easy with Clipchamp, as the tool allows you to record your screen while also sharing a view of your webcam, so you can offer guided tours. You can even blur your background to keep things focused on you. The timeline view makes it easy to chop, change, and edit videos – even if you’re brand new to editing.

  • Social media videos are becoming an essential for small businesses, whether you’re sharing them on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, or YouTube. With Clipchamp, you can record or create videos using any video or image assets, add filters, text, and stickers, then export the video in the correct aspect ratio (like portrait video for Reels and TikTok) in a few clicks.

  • Video advertising is another key promotional channel for small businesses, including YouTube and other video sharing sites. If you’re investing in video advertising, keeping a constant flow of fresh videos ads is essential. With Clipchamp, you can keep that pipeline flowing without the hassle of managing a third-party video agency.

  • Integration with SharePoint and OneDrive means that any videos you create in Clipchamp will immediately be available to share across your organisation or watch in Microsoft Stream.

How to start using Clipchamp for Work now

If you’re a Microsoft 365 Business subscriber, you can access Clipchamp Standard right now as part of your existing plan. There’s also a Premium version available which we’ll cover in the next section.

As announced in December 2023, the Standard version of Clipchamp for Work is now one of the default set of apps for the following subscription tiers:

  • Microsoft 365 Business Standard
  • Microsoft 365 Business Premium
  • Microsoft 365 E3
  • Microsoft 365 E5
  • Microsoft 365 E3 Extra Features
  • Microsoft 365 E5 Extra Features

To start using Clipchamp, simply navigate to your Microsoft 365 Apps dashboard, click All Apps, then look for the Clipchamp icon.

Clipchamp Standard vs. Clipchamp Premium

For our money, the Clipchamp Standard plan included with the 365 for Business subscriptions will be ideal for most small businesses. That said, you can unlock some advanced features via an add-on license for Clipchamp Premium, charged at £5.80 per user, per month. So, if you’re going all-in on video, it might be a good choice for you.

Here’s what’s different between the two plans, as outlined on Microsoft’s Clipchamp page.

Clipchamp Standard

  • Core editing tools including trim, crop, and speed control.
  • Timeline editor
  • Record webcam and screen
  • Up to 1080p (HD) export resolution
  • Free audio, image, & video stock
  • Free filters & effects
  • Store and share your videos

Clipchamp Premium

You’ll get everything you get with the Standard edition, plus:

  • 4k (UHD) export resolution
  • Premium stock content (images, audio, video)
  • Advanced video analytics in Stream

To learn more about Clipchamp, or to understand whether it’s available on your current 365 subscription, just ask your Get Support account manager or call 01865 594 000.  

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