Everything You Need to Know About Microsoft Edge for Business

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Executive Summary 

  • Microsoft Edge for Business is a new browser experience (not a new browser) designed for the way we work today. It offers a distinct work environment separate from personal browsing, and is available across all supported platforms, including mobile devices. 
  • Automatic profile switching streamlines the experience for your team by intelligently separating work and personal browsing – making it easier to keep our work and personal lives at a comfortable distance.    
  • Your IT support team will maintain full control of Edge for Business via the 365 admin centre, allowing them to enforce policies and customise features, and benefiting from Microsoft’s best-in-class security.  


Struggling to keep your work and personal life from having an awkward run-in on your browser? You’re not alone.  

In today’s world of remote and hybrid work, it can feel like a digital tightrope to keep everything separated.  

Enter Microsoft Edge for Business – the browser that’s basically the digital equivalent of a “Do Not Disturb” sign for your work life. 

Available now across all Microsoft 365 Business subscriptions, here’s everything you need to know about Edge for Business.  

What is Microsoft Edge for Business? 

Despite the fancy new name, Microsoft Edge for Business isn’t a whole new browser. 

Instead, it’s more like a specialised version of the Microsoft Edge you already know and love. Imagine taking Microsoft Edge, adding a layer of business-centric features, and voila – you’ve got Microsoft Edge for Business. 

The aim here is to create a browser experience that’s tailored for the workplace. It’s designed to make your work life easier, more secure, and more efficient. Think of it as Microsoft Edge, but with a business suit on.  

It offers automatic profile switching to keep your work and personal life separate, enterprise-grade security features to keep the bad guys at bay, and extensive management capabilities for IT departments to keep everything running smoothly. 

What features does Microsoft Edge for Business include? 

Curious about what sets Microsoft Edge for Business apart from its vanilla cousin? 

The answer lies in a set of specialised features which are all business. Here’s a quick rundown of the key benefits: 

  • Automatic profile switching. To make the use of Edge for Business seamless, the transition has to be seamless too. The way this will work is that, assuming a user is logged in to both a personal account and a Microsoft Entra (formerly Azure AD) account, they’ll automatically be switched to the right one depending on the site. For example, accessing a 365 app will switch them to the work profile automatically. The new “briefcase” icon in the taskbar will clue users in that they’re currently working in Edge for Business.  
  • Enterprise-grade security. Edge for Business comes with robust security features like Data Loss Prevention and comprehensive security policies. These measures aim to protect your all-important business data and provide peace of mind for both the users operating Edge and your IT team managing it.  
  • Extensive IT management. Your IT team will be able to use the Microsoft Edge management service, accessible via the Microsoft 365 admin centre, to manage a wide range of controls, from policy enforcement to feature customisation. This allows you to tailor the Edge experience for your whole team centrally.  
  • User interface customisation. It’s not available yet, but Microsoft has promised that future updates will allow for company branding within the browser, giving your team that ‘comfort of home’ feeling.  
  • Cross-platform availability. The browser is available across all supported platforms, including mobile devices. That means that your team will get a consistent and secure browsing experience, no matter where they are or which device they’re using. 
  • Data privacy. Separate caches and storage locations are used for work and personal profiles, ensuring that user information remains separate and secure. This isn’t just important for data security, but it’s also a peace-of-mind measure for your team, too. 

Microsoft Edge vs. Microsoft Edge for Business 

Wondering how Microsoft Edge and Microsoft Edge for Business differ?  

At first glance, the experience is going to be broadly the same – and that’s by design.  

Microsoft Edge is your go-to for general browsing needs, suitable for both personal and professional use. However, when it comes to meeting the specific demands of a business environment, Microsoft Edge for Business steps in to fill the gap. 

So, what sets Microsoft Edge for Business apart? For starters, it offers automatic profile switching, which intelligently separates work and personal browsing. This ensures that work-related data remains secure and isolated from personal activities. On the security front, Edge for Business takes it up a notch with enterprise-grade features like Data Loss Prevention and customisable security policies. These are designed to protect sensitive information and provide admins with more control over how the browser is used within the organisation. 

How to start using Microsoft Edge for Business 

Because Microsoft Edge for Business isn’t an all-new browser, getting started with it is remarkably straightforward.  

First, ensure that your devices are running Microsoft Edge version 116 or later.  

Once you have this version or later, the transition to Edge for Business will happen almost seamlessly. All it takes is for your team to sign in using their Microsoft Entra credentials, and they’ll automatically be switched over to the business-centric feature set.  

Of course, all of the settings your admin team configure within the Microsoft 365 admin centre will be respected on all in-scope devices.  

If you’d like to know more about Edge for Business, just ask your Get Support account manager for details today. Not sure how to get in touch? Drop us a line on 01865 594 000.  

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