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In the video statement above, Get Supports founder, James Craddock, offers free expert advice to businesses right across the United Kindom.

To book your free advice session, please fill in the contact form at the bottom of the page.

James' statement in full: "It's tough out there at the moment. For us here at Get Support, we are fully functional with the bulk of the team working from home.

"I wanted to reach out to you today and offer our advice and expertise to your business free of charge.

"For the last few weeks have been busy, with the majority of our customers moving to working from home. It's not been a problem because we've got the resource, and we are fully operational.

"As the country settles into a new way of working, we hear that there are many businesses that are discovering that their IT and systems are not up-to-scratch for remote working.

"Get Support has decades of experience in delivering the right IT for businesses. And right now, we're here to help. If you'd like to chat through your IT setup or any problems you're experiencing, you can have our advice for free in a 30-minute web conference session.

To book your free session, please fill in the contact form at the bottom of this page

"We can cover the best and fastest ways to access your computers and data in the office from home.

"A discussion around the various cloud services to allow you to share files, calibrate and communicate with fellow team members and customers.

"Let's look at answering your work telephone from home using Voice over IP where your phone calls are routed securely across the internet with full functionality, like the ability to transfer calls between your team members just like you can in the office.

"Some businesses are reporting that home workers struggling with weak and unreliable wifi signals. We can help with this too.

"If you've got any other questions regarding IT or productivity while working from home, let's answer those as well!

"We are Get Support IT Services, and we're here to help. Just go to our website at, click the free advice button and one of my team or I will make contact to arrange your free session. Alternatively, call our telephone number 01865 594 000.

"Now we are expecting this offer to be quite popular and we do have a limited amount of time that we can use for these free sessions so please do enquire today."

To book your free session, please fill in the contact form below:

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