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Apple iPhone iOS 4 - a sneak


On Thursday last week Apple's CEO Steve Jobs gave a sneak preview into the future of the iPhone operating system.

The one thing that hits me about these phones is they don't do everything - but they do most things and everything they do, they do extremely well.

OS 4 will be bringing lots of new features to the iPhone including the ability run multiple applications at once.

"It's really easy to implement multi tasking in a way that really drains battery life these apps start running in the back ground and there goes your battery and it's really easy to implement it in a way that reduces the performance of the foreground app and makes your phone feel really sluggish.... We have figured out how to implement multitasking for third party apps and avoid those things - that's what took is a little longer but I think we nailed it" Steve Jobs - Apple CEO

For the business user we see better email support and features including being able to access more than one Microsoft Exchange Server account from the phone. Data encryption keeps all your data safe should you lose your phone. There is also mobile device management - making it easy to roll out and look after iPhones across an organisation.

For the consumer there are features like iBooks (download and read books on your iPhone) and a completely new Game Centre - there are now over 50,000 games in the App Store. Apple are adding a Social gaming network, invite your friends and play!

For the App Developer - iAd - Apples advanced advertising platform, making adverts more interactive and rich in multimedia while keeping the user within the application they are running. Apple sells and hosts the ads and pays the developer.

You can watch the whole hour long presentation by clicking here

Get Support's First Blog Post


Hello and welcome to the new Get Support Blog and the launch of our new website. The site is still very much under construction but we thought we'd put it live and continue to develop it so we could publish some up-to-date information.

Our goal is to create a clean, easy to use website with interactive content (like this blog), integration with Twitter (, our latest hardware offers - we've changed suppliers, in fact we have taken on many new suppliers - and we're now able to offer some amazing pricing on new and refurbished.

Over the coming weeks we will be exploring Microsoft's new desktop operating system Windows 7. I have been using a release candidate for about 6 months now and I'm very excited to be offering it to our customers since it's launch last month. We will look into the advantages it will bring to your computing experience and to the way you work.

I will also be creating a video comparison of the new Solid State Drives vs traditional hard drives. What are the advantages of this new technology and will it speed up my laptop!

I think that will do for a first blog post. If you have any topics you would like covered please leave a comment!


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