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New IT Support Job Oxford


Are you really, really interested in computers? Would you like to turn that hobby into a job? One where you get paid to follow your passion?

If so, Get Support are looking for you.

We are currently recruiting for a Junior IT Support Technician to join our team. Initially you will be an invaluable part of our helpdesk service, answering customer calls and helping them resolve IT problems as quickly and efficiently as possible.

We'll also train you in using our state-of-the-art monitoring systems so that you can identify and fix problems before they cause major problems for our customers. And as your skill levels increase, so too will the opportunity to visit clients sites and troubleshoot complex technical problems on the front line.

In fact, working with Get Support you will be exposed to more new technologies and concepts than any college course could possibly hope to cover. You'll learn all the skills and techniques you need to launch your career in IT support and network management. And you will be paid as you learn.

Established in 2000, Get Support is a leading provider of IT support services to businesses in and around the Oxford area. We are fully committed to keeping all of our customers 100% satisfied by avoiding jargon, providing a fast response to queries and giving them a personal, friendly service.

So if you love computers and are serious about making a career out of them, this could be the perfect role for you.

For more information click : Apply for the Junior IT Support Technician Role

Get Support are also looking for an experienced IT Support Engineer to work in and around the Oxford area. Apply for the Experienced IT Support Engineer role if you'd like to be considered.


Is Britain's IT About to Meltdown


IT MeltdownThe National Crime Agency (NCA) has been warning UK businesses and consumers to prepare for what is thought to be one of the biggest malware attacks of recent times.  Working with the other international governments, NCA officials claim they have bought British businesses a two-week timeframe in which to protect against a resumption of the cyberattack.

So is this a case of media hype, or is your business really under threat?

What's it all about?

Security researchers have been monitoring two serious items of malware currently circulating across the internet, GOZeus and CryptoLocker. GOZeus, also known as "GameOver", has already been used by criminals to steal sensitive information like passwords and online banking details from thousands of computer users across the world.

If the virus fails to spot any valuable data to steal, GOZeus is then used to automatically install CryptoLocker - a particularly nasty little tool that encrypts files before demanding $300 from users for a fix. Encrypted files cannot be accessed until they have been decrypted by paying the ransom, the only other way to access is your data is by restoring from backup.

Both GoZeus and CryptoLocker have been circulating on the web since at least September 2013, extorting up to $60 million from affected users. Working together, international law enforcement agencies were able to seize the servers used to control the botnet responsible for controlling both tools, preventing further extortion demands.

Is it really an issue?

Officials estimate we have two weeks in which to detect and clean up these infected machines before they are activated by the criminals once they have rebuilt their command and control servers.

According to the NCA, GOZeus is already installed on more than 15,500 computers across the UK - less than 0.05% of all the machines currently in use.

Although these numbers are fairly low, Malware is a continuous risk and a serious threat to everyone, and for those reasons it is always a good idea to make sure you are protected.

What can I do to protect myself?

Even if CryptoLocker and GoZeus cannot "phone home" to receive instructions and demand payment from affected users, files remain encrypted and inaccessible. It is crucial then to prevent infection in advance or risk serious business disruption.

You can find full instructions for proactive protection against GoZeus and CryptoLocker in the Get Support's guide: Protecting Your Business Against Malware. And don't forget, if you are already having problems, you can always call our team of specialists now on 01865 594000.

Protecting your business again


Protecting Against MalwareVirus, Trojans and malware are small computer programs designed to steal information, or to corrupt data. Some malware is designed merely to be a nuisance while others can help criminals extort money or to steal confidential information that can be sold on or used in other crimes like identity theft.

Obviously malware is not only unwanted, but also has the potential to cause your business significant harm. Here is how to protect against malware attacks.

1. Prevention

Just like any problem in computing, prevention is better than cure. The best way to recover from a malware attack is to try and avoid infection in the first place. Cybercriminals use a number of devious techniques in the hope of tricking you into installing their malware - so you need to be on your guard. The best way to prevent a malware outbreak is to understand how they work.

Look for clues in your email

Often you can tell a lot about a suspect email simply by looking at it. If anything strikes you as odd, ask yourself:

  • Is this message normal looking?
  • Do I have any doubts about whether it is real or not?
  • Am I expecting this message?
  • Would this person really send me an email like this?

If you answer "no" to any of the above questions, you should delete the message. You definitely should not click any links or open any attachments in a suspicious message. 

Remember that you can always call or email the sender and ask them to resend another message if there is an issue.

Keep your PC software updated

Malware typically exploits flaws in your computer software, so it is extremely important to keep everything as up to date as possible. Whenever you are prompted by your computer to update something like Windows, Adobe or Java, you should not delay.

Note: Never, ever, ever click on a pop-up or banner that advises you to update when browsing the web. Only ever perform updates from inside the installed applications.

Read warning messages

You probably see dozens of warning messages pop up on your PC every day, and you probably ignore almost all of them. But these system messages contain all manner of useful information, not least warnings about potential threats. So pay attention, and if in doubt, don't click "yes".

Don't be afraid to ask for help

If you're not sure about something you've seen on your PC, call Get Support and speak to one of our technicians who will be able to advise.

Don't run using an administrator-level account

Administrator-level accounts have full access to your computer, giving malware direct access to everything. Instead you should perform your day to day operations using a "user" level account to restrict the effect malware can have on your PC. Some experts believe that removing admin rights mitigates 92% of critical Microsoft vulnerabilities. Again, if you need help, give the Get Support team a call.

2. Detection and removal

No anti virus solution is completely foolproof, but it is an important defence against malware infection. You must:

  • Install anti virus on every computer used by your business.
  • Ensure that the software is kept up to date at all times.
  • Contact Get Support if you encounter anything suspicious, the anti virus software detects a problem or you need further advice.

Anti virus is an important and powerful part of your prevention strategy.

3.  Data backup

The final defensive step you need to take is ensuring you always have a data backup. In this way, should something penetrate your defences, and corrupt your data, you can always roll back to a "clean" copy.

Get Support will be able to help you set up a suitable data backup routine that protects your data against theft and infection. We'll also help you through the process of restoring your data should the worst actually happen. Just give the team a call today.

If you have any questions or queries at all, get in touch with the team now on 01865 594000.

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