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Security: LinkedIn Hacked


A story has just broken that LinkedIn has been hacked and a file posting some (6.5 million) users passwords in encrypted form have been posted on a Russian web forum.

This isn't as bad as the passwords being in plain text but that can still be decrypted / guessed by hackers.

Linked in has not been able to confirm or deny that this information is correct. According to @LinkedIn "Our team is currently looking into reports of stolen passwords. Stay tuned for more"

What this means is that your password for Linked in may not be safe.

If your password is in the list that's been published and it's decrypted, someone may gain access your linked in account. Worse still, if you have used your LinkedIn password elsewhere, those accounts could be at risk too.

Our advice is to change your Linked In password and if you are using the same password on other websites to change those too.

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